Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

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Emeril and Alden Lagasse and the Emeril Lagasse Foundation have worked since 2003 to raise money for the expansion at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.

“Alden and I are very proud to have chaired this capital campaign, to raise the funding for this expansion. It is an honor to see it open today.” - Emeril Lagasse

WINGS Performing Arts Center and Cafe to the Stars

Emeril and Alden Lagasse chaired a capital campaign to raise money for the construction of the WINGS Performing Arts Center, home of the award winning WINGS theater program. Through a series of events and help from celebrities like Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation raised over $700,000 for this capital campaign.

After suffering much damage to property at the Discovery Center, the WINGS Performing Arts outreach program continued to operate at locations on loan from churches and schools in the area with funding from Emeril Lagasse Foundation. This grant provided funding for instruction in the dramatic arts to junior and high school students, who then toured their productions to over 3,000 lower school aged children in the year following Hurricane Katrina.

Emeril Lagasse Foundation granted funds to purchase the production, audio and lighting equipment to enhance the renovated facility, and in Spring 2009 Chef Emeril, Alden and executives from Viking Range Corporation cut the ribbon on this new building expansion and the Cafe to the Stars.