Donor Spotlight: Long-Time Friends Come Together for the Kids
Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight: Long-Time Friends Come Together for the Kids

Our latest spotlight series showcases the support of a generous group of donors in our neighboring state of Texas. Mostly hailing from Houston, Penny and David Loane, Trent Kelle­y, Stephanie & Mark Bourgeois and Amelia & Dennis Murphy are long-time donors and friends who have contributed graciously to the Foundation over the years.

With a mutual love of all things wine, food and charitable giving, this group was first introduced to the Foundation’s signature event Carnivale du Vin by their close friend Ingram Lee, a passionate philanthropist and supporter of the Foundation since its very beginning.

"Ingram introduced us to Emeril Lagasse and we were immediately hooked because we could see his passion and drive to help all kids through the Foundation, " said David Loane.

After seeing the Foundation’s impact firsthand, the group decided to remain involved, dedicating time and funds over the last 11 years to support our mission of mentoring and enabling youth to succeed through culinary, arts and life-skills education.

Seeing the good that the Foundation has created in the local community was my main motivation,” said Trent Kelley. “After learning that the Foundation was truly making a difference in each and every child’s life they were reaching out to was all I needed to see – I am proud to be a part of such a great endeavor.

The group agrees that one of the best parts of being involved with the Foundation is the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives around them.

“Caring and giving can be infectious,” said Penny Loane. “Spending time with the many supporters of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation gives us hope that people truly care and we can make a difference in the lives of young adults.”

In addition to furthering the Foundation’s mission, the group continues the legacy and memory of their dear friend Ingram Lee, who passed away in 2012, by continuing to spread his passion for charitable giving by serving on the board of the Ingram Lee Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to young students.

We cannot thank Emeril and Alden Lagasse and the entire Emeril Lagasse Foundation team for their generosity and kindness over the years,” said David Loane. “ELF not only serves as a leader in the philanthropic community but they also mentor and assist other people and charities throughout the world in their benevolent endeavors.

Likewise, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation is eternally grateful for the continued support over the years and thankful to have such positive and gracious friends involved with moving our cause forward. Learn more about how you can get involved or make a donation by visiting our Get Involved page.