Donor Spotlight: Travel Sommelier
Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight: Travel Sommelier

Darren & Caitlin Humphreys

Philanthropy, food, wine and travel are the four common themes that make up the live auction component of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s annual Carnivale du Vin charity wine auction. Every year, we take special care to curate auction packages that offer luxurious food & wine experiences across the globe –which are made possible by the generosity of our donors, who graciously provide these experiences in support of our mission.  

Our latest spotlight hones in on the support from two of our long-time donors, Darren and Caitlin Humphreys of the luxury travel company, Travel Sommelier.

Darren Humphreys, a native South African, founded Travel Sommelier after two decades spent working in the financial market. He and his wife, Caitlin take pride in customizing trips for clients only after spending an extensive amount of time understanding the dreams behind each adventure.

The couple first became involved with the Foundation after learning from board member Paul Frank and Crocker & Starr winemaker Pam Starr about the Foundation’s goals, the success it’s achieved and its fundraising model.

“It is paramount that the charitable foundations that we support devote the money they raise directly toward achieving their goals and that they are successful in achieving those goals,” said the Humphreys. “We experience, through firsthand visits to platforms and projects, just how well the Emeril Lagasse Foundation does this and it is very rewarding.

With a mission of helping youth succeed through culinary and arts education, the Foundation struck a chord with Darren and Caitlin, and an expertly curated luxury safari adventure has been the featured Travel Sommelier donation at Carnivale du Vin since the couple’s first year of attendance.

The Foundation’s work within the community, especially its efforts with beneficiary St. Michael Special School, continues to inspire Darren and Caitlin’s interest in donating highly specialized and exclusive itineraries to raise funds for the community’s youth.

“We travel extensively around the world, and a common theme is how gastronomy and wine can break down cultural and social barriers, uplift individuals and unify, all in a very convivial way,” said the Humphreys. “Culinary skills are exportable, and this provides a tremendous amount of opportunity in communities both at home and around the globe.

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation is endlessly grateful for the Humphreys’ immense support, and continued role they play in making Carnivale du Vin’s charity auction one of the best in the country. For more information about Carnivale du Vin, click here. Learn more about how you can get involved or make a donation by visiting our Get Involved page.