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Katie Mularz, Program Director


We all share a passion for helping children realize their full potential.

Giving kids the knowledge and tools to grow and become their best selves is our true purpose. That’s why we created a signature program that allows us to make a direct, lasting impact on the lives of young people. Emeril’s Culinary Garden and Teaching Kitchen reflects our mission to inspire, mentor and enable youth while broadening our reach nationally.

Alden and I wanted to reach and impact kids in a positive manner, and we knew the best way to do that was through food.

Emeril Lagasse

By integrating gardening and cooking concepts in school curriculums, we offer an engaging experience that connects kids to the world of food and nurtures skills that benefit them not only in the kitchen but also throughout life. Through a growing network of like-minded schools, Emeril’s Culinary Garden and Teaching Kitchen enriches the lives of kids through a fun, fresh perspective on food.