Collaborative Excellence: Worth Avenue Yachts and Emeril Lagasse Foundation - - Collaborative Excellence: Worth Avenue Yachts and Emeril Lagasse Foundation -

Collaborative Excellence: Worth Avenue Yachts and Emeril Lagasse Foundation

In 2011, two industry leaders, Michael Mahan and Brian Tansey, laid the foundation of Worth Avenue Yachts with a vision to revolutionize luxury yacht sales and charters. Their goal? To create a company rooted in a team approach that values relationships and customer care above all. This guiding philosophy propelled them to the yacht brokerage world’s forefront and paved the way for meaningful collaborations, including their significant involvement with Emeril Lagasse Foundation.

With offices worldwide, Worth Avenue Yachts stands out for its ability to bring together team members from various corners of the world, forming a unified and efficient force. This unique team approach helped them become a world-class yacht brokerage and shaped their philanthropic endeavors, especially with Emeril Lagasse Foundation. We had an opportunity to hear from founders Michael Mahan and Brian Tansey, along with marketing director Laura Yager, as they shared why the Foundation has become part of the team at Worth Avenue Yachts.

“Supporting Emeril Lagasse Foundation is effortless for us. It incorporates everything that we love and what our clients love. It’s about food, wine, and furthering the lives of youth in our communities,” explains Laura.

The partnership began in 2018, during the early years of the signature charity sailfish tournament Line, Vine, & Dine in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Since then, the Foundation and Worth Avenue Yachts have worked together to create unique experiences for attendees throughout the three-day event and exclusively for the Dockside Weigh-in and Yacht Hop event hosted each year at Pier Sixty-Six Marina.

When asked why they continue to support the event each year, Michael shares, “There is such confidence when we work with the Foundation team. We are all on the same page, and they make the relationship fun and easy.” Worth Avenue supports Line, Vine & Dine and the local beneficiaries not only through support of the Yacht Hop but also during the live auction and other Foundation events throughout the year.

This year’s Line, Vine, & Dine event in February will see Worth Avenue Yachts raising the bar by participating in the fishing competition. Their all-female fishing team, the “Worthy Catch” promises to be a highlight of the tournament.

As the connection with the Foundation grows, Worth Avenue Yachts announces an exciting development: a portion of sales and charters facilitated through Foundation referrals will be contributed back. “Worth Avenue Yachts is excited to partner with the Foundation to motivate clients and benefactors to have a portion of their charter vacation budget go back to the Foundation,” shares Brian.  This collaboration between Worth Avenue Yachts and Emeril Lagasse Foundation is a testament to how luxury and philanthropy can align to create a ripple effect of positive change. Click here to learn more.