Nurturing Healthier Communities: The Collaborative Effort of Emeril Lagasse Foundation and Humana Foundation - - Nurturing Healthier Communities: The Collaborative Effort of Emeril Lagasse Foundation and Humana Foundation -

Nurturing Healthier Communities: The Collaborative Effort of Emeril Lagasse Foundation and Humana Foundation

In community development, transformative changes often arise from collaborative efforts among forward-thinking organizations. The connection between Emeril Lagasse Foundation and the Humana Foundation showcases how shared missions can substantially impact community health and nutrition. Recently, we sat down with Rebel Chreste, Humana Foundation Grants Administrator, to learn more about Humana Foundation’s support of Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen, our signature program.

Both foundations are dedicated to fostering healthier communities through engagement and education. The Humana Foundation, known for its commitment to advancing health equity, strategically addresses nutritional and mental health needs across demographics, including school-age children, seniors, and veterans. Through thorough analysis in regions like Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky, the Foundation identifies critical areas for sustainable community health improvements. “The mission of Emeril Lagasse Foundation to inspire, mentor, and enable youth to reach their full potential is centered exactly around the Humana Foundation’s work of health equity. One of our primary focus areas is shaping a healthier, proactive approach to nutrition, specifically with school-age children,” states Chreste.

“I love that the program empowers the children at the school to use their voices and the knowledge they’re learning. They evolve from a student to a teacher role as they bring those tools home to share with their family and community. The program provides children an opportunity to experience confidence and a sense of value by teaching their families about nutrition and the recipes they learn,” Chreste continued.

Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen is more than a program—it’s a movement toward a healthier future inspired by the vision of co-founders Alden and Chef Emeril Lagasse. The program empowers children to learn about food origins, engage in growing their food, and develop cooking skills, fostering independence and self-confidence.

“Sustainability is a key focus,” Chreste adds. “Our support is designed to ensure this program can continue to thrive and scale, even beyond our initial funding.”

With the support from the Humana Foundation, Emeril Lagasse Foundation is able to enhance its program offerings in New Orleans and undertake an evaluation project. This project will measure outcomes beyond the classroom, noting its food and nutrition influences at home. This project is vital for continually improving the program and ensuring we’re effectively meeting the evolving needs of our communities. As Emeril Lagasse Foundation and the Humana Foundation collaborate, the potential to transform communities through education and nutrition only grows. By empowering the next generation with practical skills in health and wellness, we are planting the seeds for a healthier future.

About the Humana Foundation

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