Shaping the Future: How Robért and Shelly Hinojosa Give Back - - Shaping the Future: How Robért and Shelly Hinojosa Give Back -

Shaping the Future: How Robért and Shelly Hinojosa Give Back

It was an honor to speak with Shelly and Robért Hinojosa, two of Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s most enthusiastic supporters. Robért and Shelly have dedicated much of their lives to making a difference in their Florida panhandle community.

Their involvement with Emeril Lagasse Foundation began at the Destin Charity Wine Auction, where they witnessed Chef Emeril’s commitment to philanthropy. Inspired by his dedication, they joined our cause, recognizing the Foundation’s efforts to empower youth in tangible ways.

Shelly, a dedicated educator for 25 years, has seen firsthand the struggles that children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds face. Her role as a media specialist and yearbook teacher at South Walton High School gives her a unique vantage point to observe the needs of youth. Our mission resonated deeply with her, because it extends beyond financial support.

Shelly stated, “I see the effects that poverty can have on kids. I love that the Foundation teaches children how to grow and cook their own food. Their programs help kids learn life skills to become thriving adults.”

Shelly expressed how she and Robért are committed to supporting efforts that empower children, teens, and adults with special needs to become self-sufficient and confident individuals.

“The true heart of giving lies in the desire to make a lasting positive impact on the community,” Robért shared.

The couple’s favorite memories often revolve around our signature events. Among these, the Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown stands out. This barbecue competition, held in their hometown of Santa Rosa Beach, combines camaraderie, fun, and a shared goal of raising significant funds for youth.

Robért’s participation in this event underscores the joy and fulfillment that comes from seeing community members come together for a common cause. “The Foundation transforms a simple gathering into a fundraising success. Those are just some great memories. As you’re hanging out with friends, playing golf, and barbecuing, suddenly you blink, and you’ve raised a million dollars for important charities at an auction. That’s always a fun one for me,” shared Robért.

Robért and Shelly’s story is a testament to the ripple effect of giving.  They strongly advocate for helping others, not only by meeting immediate needs, but also by nurturing a future generation that understands the importance of giving back.