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Meredith Seale

Program Coordinator

Meredith Seale joins the Emeril Lagasse Foundation as Program Coordinator, bringing a diverse background and a passion for education to her role. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University, her journey took a flavorful turn when she graduated from culinary school in 2011. Later, in 2016, she earned her Master’s in contemporary history from King’s College London. As a middle school teacher for 4.5 years, Meredith developed a deep understanding of educational dynamics. Before joining the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, Meredith served as an education coordinator and manager for an energy efficiency non-profit, dedicating her efforts to providing valuable education to middle and high school students. Off-duty, Meredith finds joy in culinary adventures, exploring new restaurants and recipes alongside her husband Christoph. Family time and movie nights also hold a special place in her heart, shared with her two feline companions, Loretta and Potter.